On and On and On

Angie here. I don’t know how it’s February already and I haven’t posted anything in over a month. All I can say is that I regularly think ‘I should add this to the blog!’, and then, somehow, I don’t get around to actually doing it. So here I am, finally updating it.

For me, the current struggle is the never ending summer I’m experiencing. It’s summer here in NZ. I’m hoping that the summer heat is close to coming to an end. We left Colorado in September when the temperatures were still in the 80s. When we got to NZ, it was early spring and things were just starting to warm up again. Summer officially started in December, and since then temperatures have been steadily climbing. On a normal day they are at around 70 degrees fahrenheit. On a bad day they are at or above 80. While that may not seem unbearable to many, there are a couple of factors that Ben and I have identified that are making us slightly miserable with the heat. They are:

  1. Though we come from a place that has a much wider range of average temperatures, we typically have year round heating/air conditioning that keeps our homes in the same 10 degree range. Without air conditioning, we are subject to whatever temperature mother nature throws at us. It can be difficult to sleep when you’ve never HAD to sleep in 78 degree weather.
  2. Humidity. We’ve never had to worry about it in Colorado. Humidity definitely makes it feel hotter than it is. Those who live in humid areas know what I’m talking about.
  3. We are still in the mindset that February is the middle of winter. Our brains (and bodies) are used to expecting cold temperatures, and so we fight the natural flow of things here in NZ. Hopefully, time will help us acclimate to the new flow of the seasons.

Needless to say, I think we are all ready for some cooler temperatures. Though, in NZ, even those won’t be nearly as low as we’d experience in Colorado. I’m curious to find out how I respond to the higher lows here during winter.

In other news, Ben had his first experience with the New Zealand universal health care system. Ben has had Gout symptoms for a few years. It comes and goes, but this time when it came it was faster and more painful than ever before. So he left work and called our nearest hospital to find out where to go. They told him to go to the doctor’s office that is on the same block as our house (we are already enrolled there, yay!), and that they could get him in that afternoon. I stayed home with Patrick, but as he was in the waiting room he texted me, telling me that the front desk told him that if he was still waiting 30 minutes after his appointment time, to come up to the desk and let them know. That’s a wee bit strange to me. You’d think that with 2-3 receptionists working at a time, they’d be able to keep track of who has and hasn’t been seen in a timely fashion, but oh well. Ben was called back and saw a doctor who was quite young, but took one look at his foot and said ‘that’s gout!’. She wrote him a prescription for a pain killer and sent him on his way. The doctor’s visit cost $48 and the prescription cost $5. He’s feeling much better today and he even got a doctor’s note that said he shouldn’t go back to work for 3 days!

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