I Don’t Even Know

How has it been a month since we have updated this? Time is such a strange thing. It passes both slowly and in the blink of an eye…at the same time.

As far as updates go, things are relatively normal at the moment. With one exception – my mom is here for a 3 week visit. We love having here here! Not only is it nice for me to have someone to talk to and spend time with, but she’s been living in Germany for 2 years now, so she can relate to how we are feeling in a new country. It’s nice to see her getting to spend time with Patrick, and I love seeing him bond with her 🙂

Ben is still working at his job, but we have good news. We have had our residency visas approved, so he has to option to find another job if he wants. His skill set is in HIGH demand here, and everyone tells him that he should be making WAY more money than he is, so he may start shopping around soon to see if there’s anything else out there that he would like more. But it’s nice to know that he has a lot of stability in his current job (it’s basically a government job). The residency visa is also good news because it means we are eligible to buy a house if we want. Now, buying houses here is MUCH different than in the States. And we aren’t really anywhere near being able to buy, but with our resident visas, we can start talking to banks and lawyers about the home buying process.

Patrick is enjoying his time at the local PlayCentre. In case you haven’t seen my Facebook posts about it, it’s a place that’s similar to a daycare, but it is run completely by parents. We only go one day a week. It’s for 2.5 hours and the idea is to have the kids lead in their own play. It’s a fun time, but can also be exhausting chasing after Patrick for 2 hours and then trying to get him to help clean up at the end. But he loves it! Plus, we get to fun things there that we don’t necessarily want to do at home (painting, play dough, etc.)

I don’t even know what else to write about. It’s hard to decide what kind of info is interesting for people to read. My mom said to write that Ben’s becoming a master chef. He’s certainly getting a lot of practice making dinner while I’m working 4 nights a week. He makes the most amazing bruschetta chicken and pork chops with apple slices.


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