Rain, Rain, Rain

The rainy season has begun here in New Zealand. It is both refreshing and reassuring for me at the moment. I love how it smells after it rains. And here, since it’s winter, the smell of wood burning fireplaces mingles with the fresh rain scent and makes me feel…happy. Yes, rain makes me happy. I think that means I picked a good place to live. The rain is reassuring because I am still feeling a bit down about the move. Nothing serious, but one of those normal feelings after such a large move.

It’s a very strange feeling to be heading into winter and NOT have Christmas and the holiday season to look forward to. Even now, I am sitting in my living room with the heater on and the rain coming down in sheets outside, and all I want to be able to do is put on the Christmas songs and wrap presents. So for now I’ll settle on planning a birthday party for Patrick and wrapping those presents.

A friend of ours has also suggested doing a winter/harvest appreciation dinner. I think it’s a great idea! Maybe we can do a turkey 🙂 In the past, we’ve done a ‘Friendsgiving’ in the spring, so this could be a very similar event. The only downside? Our house isn’t big enough for a large gathering with a meal being served. So someone else would have to host. But maybe our friends who suggested it could host? Sorry, at this point this post is more about me thinking out loud than it is about anything else. Glad you came for an update? Ha ha…


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